Thiết bị: iPhone XS
Chỉnh sửa: Lightroom preset + Instagram filter
Bối cảnh: Buổi chiều ngẫu nhiên ở Tokyo, Suginami-ku Horinouchi, Japan
Model: Xu

Hexo has quite a catalog of plugins, which makes it easy to add additional functionalities to an already awesome blogging framework.
But when I was writing my last blog, I noticed there is not yet a plugin to quote content from Wikipedia.
I had needed to show a lot of book summarizes into that blog post.

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Thiết bị: Sony a5100 + 16-50mm kit len
Chỉnh sửa: Lightroom
Bối cảnh: Chuyến du lịch chóng vánh 1 ngày ở Shirakawa, Gifu, Japan

Built with Hexo + Minos, this is my place for putting down thoughts, whatever comes to my mind.

It’s will be great if you find something helpful, it’s awesome if we become friends.
Have fun reading!

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